Foto: Max Kropitz
Foto: Bernd Oppl


Overwriting History

Q21 Vienna
Curated by: Bogomir Doringer

The proposal for the AJNHAJTCLUB exhibition questions the linear reading of History between Austria and the so called Gastarbeiters coming form the former Ex-Yugoslavia. Bausubstanz (Over-writing History) is a pedestal build with 200 old bricks produced in the late 19th century by the so called Ziegelböhm, workers who originally came from Bohemian-Moravian highlands. These bricks can be found in almost any representative building in Vienna’s Ring Street. And is precisely these glorious moment of the city that many of the workers from Yogoslavia and Turkey came to help reconstruct in the 1960’s. By covering the brick with a layer of graphite I suggest that written History can be still be re-intrepreted.