Foto: Ingrid Raymond

Roberto Uribe-Castro

Born: Bogotá, Colombia (1974), Nationality: Dutch

Roberto Uribe-Castro's practice focuses on how the colonial past or violent historical events persist through time in architecture and urban landscapes.

With temporary / ephemeral interventions made with materials and elements present or gathered in the place where the intervention occurs, Uribe-Castro subtly alters the place where he works allowing political speeches or forgotten historical events to emerge.

Born in Bogotá in 1974, Roberto graduated as an architect from the University of the Andes and with a master's degree in spatial strategies at the Weißensee School of Arts in Berlin, he has been a finalist in international competitions.

His experience as an external advisor for the Bogotá POT in 2000, a field researcher for urban studies, the work in the studio of Doris Salcedo and Mona Hatoum in specific facilities of the site, have been of great influence in his work that is of interdisciplinary and collaborative character.

Roberto has lived in Dublin, Madrid and Amsterdam and Cartagena de Indias. He currently lives and works in Berlin.