Space Strategies

Art | Architecture

Ephemeral and temporary interventions are part of a methodology of my research on how Architecture operates to inscribe and perpetuate political discourses in a society thought time. My main interest spins around the Industrial Revolution, with its technical advances,  the origins of Modernity, European colonialism in Africa and America and the birth of social movements which are to me the structure on which our contemporary world is build on. Rather than creating objects my practice works with repetition, misplacement and reorganisation of elements that belong to every day life, allowing the possibility to question established historical narratives and creating the possibility of new interpretations to emerge.

Base on history, architecture and art theory but mainly on field research I develop strategies, that change or alter the elements, allowing the architectural machines (Foucault), weather they are buildings or public places to introduce us to new or less known versions of history. My work stresses the importance of the aesthetic experience  rather in focusing on the construction of an object or creation of an image. For me are the immaterial structures such as oral traditions and rituals present in American and African natives what have an transformative power for a society. To me this is what finally nourishes buildings and places with meaning.