Die Abwesenheit, die spricht. Frontal View
Die Abwesenheit, die spricht. Frontal View 2
Die Abwesenheit, die spricht_Detail 1
Die Abwesenheit, die spricht_Detail 2

Die Abwesenheit, die spricht

Competition Kunst am Bau für das Finanzministerium (Room 4)


The proposal for the Ministry of Finance's cafeteria in the Art in Architecture competition aims to memorialize lost memories of war in the new building. Sixteen columns representing federal states will bear digitally captured bullet imprints from significant buildings of each state, along with GPS coordinates. The imprints will be 3D-printed and used in concrete molds during construction. This method minimizes material waste and harm to existing structures while creating a historical archive. The artwork symbolizes the scars of war, bridging physical absence with digital presence. It also transforms the Ministry of Finance into a guardian of intangible values like memory and experience. By uniting diverse imprints under one roof, the artwork constructs a collective national narrative, encouraging reflection on the past within the new building's space.