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Future Needs remembrance

Massdorf Schule

With: Marc Aldinger

The artistic intervention consists of words from the GDR everyday language. They are neon letters, which are handwritten.

In the GDR, there was an everyday language alongside the official communication of the party and the media. In this critical, witty everyday word treasure lay a strong oppositional attitude that criticize the gap between social reality and its official representation.

The artistic intervention is, so to speak, an archaeological exercise with the lexicon of the GDR language. An examination of the words that dealt with the political reality and the everyday situation of GDR society. The selected words arose from a subtle form of freedom of thought. They created a poetic image of their
subversive, critical meaning was readable only by insiders. Words that were witty and characterised by linguistic ingenuity. In the midst of a totalitarian system, they were an
and created a seed for the peaceful revolution.

The illuminated signs are displayed on the walls of the traffic routes and partly in the seating niches.
positioned. When students read these words, they are first taken out of context.
Words, few will directly understand their ambiguity. The first impression is
poetic and fantastic images. First about explanations in class or about explanations in the classroom.
of friends their actual content becomes readable for them.