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Billboards view
Moritzplatz station

Ghost Station 2012

The Law of the Market

Freies Museum
Curated by: Stefan Koppelkamm

"Ghost Station" and is an exact copy of the Moritzplatz subway station billboard.  This billboard has caught my attention ever since I moved to the neighborhood. To me, the subway platform resembles a museum space, and these surfaces bear a resemblance to Suprematist paintings, even more so when it covers graffiti with fresh paint, creating new surfaces of subtly different color. Through these billboards, I began to investigate the history of the station and others nearby. The so-called "ghost stations" were subway stations on the U8 line (which includes the Moritzplatz station) and were closed to public use during the Cold War era. During my research, I also learned of the existence of a second station under Moritzplatz station. This station was built for a parallel network (S-Bahn) that was never completed. It is also curious that this station has a direct exit to what is now the Prinzesinnen Garten. The work is, in short, a structure that, although it seems to conceal, actually manifests stories. 

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