Images of Rubber

Affecting Memory

Deutscher Künstlerbund
Curated by: Oscar Ardila and Stefan Krueskemper

Using one of the large windows that has the gallery. With a dimension of 3.2 meters wide and a height of 2.2 meters this glass houses a photo of Roger Casement accompanied by 10 Indians of the Chorrera in the Colombian Amazon during his visit in 1910 and during which this Irishman recorded in his diary the humiliations of the natives were victims by landowners and rubber smugglers. The image is composed of laser-cut pieces that form the white areas of the photo and on the other hand there is a waterproof paint made with a base of pulverized car tires. The photo is partially done and is completed more or less depending on the time of day and the sun that enters the gallery. From the inside part of the photo is still visible but the large amount of paint and the light coming in make it more difficult to identify the image clearly. 


Cécile Belmont, Nezaket Ekici, Wolfram Kastner, Margarete Rabow, Ute Reeh, Maya Saravia, Santiago Sierra