Melting Traces- View 1
Melting Traces- General Floor Plan
Melting Traces- View 1
Melting Traces- Detail
Melting Traces- Collage1
Melting Traces- Collage2
Beyond Memorialisation

Melting Traces

Recall Project Competition

With: Juan Carlos Mejía, Iñigo Giner, Henar Rivière, Horacio Gonzalez
Rome, Italy

Our proposal for the Quadraro was an open-air installation with a clear temporal character (lasting approximately two to three days) that makes the process of disappearance tangible and so metaphorically re-enacts the Rastrellamento.

From night and until dawn 1000 transparent ice blocks (50 x 50 x 30) will be placed along streets and sites over the neighbourhood. Inside the blocks the Team will place small, everyday objects to underline the individuality of every block while stressing the disruption of the daily routine inflicted by the Rastrellamento.