Roger Casement among Indigenous people in La Chorrera


An Homage to Roger Casement

Commissions Sculpture Dublin

The proposal for the O'Connel Plinth is a tribute to Sir Roger Casement (Dublin 1st. Sep. 1864 - hanged at Pentonville Prison in London on 3rd Aug. 1916). The sculpture consists of a rubber tree trunk form the Amazon rainforests cut a little above the 1.65 meters from its base. The trunk made of black recycled rubber (from old tires) occupies the base of the plinth. This violently cut trunk on a gentle diagonal stands as a truncated seventh column. While the six Corinthian columns preceding the entrance to City Hall are shown in all their white splendour and complete, the seventh column is isolated from the classical symmetry of the building. It becomes special in its difference. Its colour and materiality denote that has another origin, another function and that belongs to another order. The seventh column does not follow an imposed order, coming from other lands, that is why it has been cast aside and cut from a slash. All the possibilities of that column have been cut too soon, all its potencial have been take away from it.