Tausenduneine Nacht_Reaktor Proposal

Tausendundeine Nacht

Proposal for REAKTOR Saal

Vienna, Austria

The proposal for the reactor's main hall is an immersive audio and video installation. Featuring the voices of migrants residing in Germany, it recounts tales, myths, and songs in their native languages. These voices, resembling ethereal whispers, traverse the space, inviting visitors on a journey through the narratives.

Accompanying the audio, a video presents German translations of the texts, but with an unconventional twist—the visuals are inverted, rendering them unreadable when projected. This intentional disruption challenges the viewer's perspective, prompting them to seek clarity through a water mirror on the floor, which reflects the text upright. Thus, the water serves as both a support and an echo chamber, mirroring the voices that fill the room.

This installation not only highlights the diverse experiences of migrants from countries like Syria, Afghanistan, and Colombia but also underscores the shared humanity and cultural exchange inherent in migration. By referencing the literary masterpiece "One Thousand and One Nights," it emphasizes the rich tapestry of stories that connect cultures across time and space. In a world where millions are forced to leave their homes in search of survival, each story shared becomes a bridge, bringing us closer to understanding, empathy, and ourselves.