An Unbearable Weight
An Unbearable Weight _Frontal View
An Unbearable Weight _Side View
An Unbearable Weight _Isometric
An Unbearable Weight _Floor Plan

An Undeniable Weight

Competition Villa Liegnitz

Villa Liegnitz

This temporary installation refers to the monument designed by Mies van der Rohe in memory of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebnecht, which was destroyed by National Socialism in 1933. Using recycled bricks, a solid is assembled to occupy the room, making access impossible to the prominent reception room of the Villa Liegnitz.  

Its volumetry is in an unfinished state, appearing to be in an ambivalent moment of construction and destruction, something like a ruin, an archeological site that promises to unveil something that has remained hidden. Despite its size it is possible to perceive the details of the beautiful ceiling through the bricks that opens some perspectives directed to these details.

What at first glance might appear to be a crude attempt at reconstruction with recycled bricks reveals itself as a powerful appropriation of space, evoking the complex relationship between Villa Liegnitz and National Socialism. This representation symbolically makes future entry impossible for visitors with similar intentions, transforming the installation into a reminder of the historical weight present in this room of the Villa because as a result of its conflictive association with the Nazi regime.