Value Magnifiers Captain Witbooi
Value Magnifiers Captain Embera
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Value Magnifiers

Büro für kuratorische Fürsorge & kollektives Experiment

Quartier am Hafen
Curated by: Michael Stockhausen

The money is an abstraction of values that have make possible the exchange of goods for many centuries, but their representation goes beyond the currency. They stand for ideologies, economical systems, geopolitics and even natural resources. Six paper bill from different countries are placed next to each other behind whisky tumblers filled with water amplifying the images that each country has decided to represent their values, personified by someone they consider embodies them. 


Luca Bosani, Céline Berger, Julia Bünnagel, Roberto Uribe-Castro, Leah Corbett & Thomas Wells, Cristina Cott Negoescu und Vanja Smiljanic