General view | Foto by Michael Carstens

Ghost Station

2020 (Pandion The Grid Cabins)


"Ghost Station" and is an exact copy of the billboard at the Moritzplatz subway station.  This billboard has caught my eye since I moved into the neighbourhood. To me, the subway platform resembles a museum space, and these surfaces bear a resemblance to suprematist paintings, even more so when he covers the graffiti with fresh paint, creating new surfaces of subtly different color. Through these billboards, I began to research the history of the station and others nearby. The so-called "ghost stations"  were metro stations on the U8 line (which includes the Moritzplatz station) and were closed to the public use during the Cold War time. During my research, I also learned about the existence of a second station under the Moritzplatz station. This station was built for a parallel network (S-Bahn) that was never completed. It is also curious that this station has a direct exit to what is now the Prinzesinnen Garten. The work is ultimately a structure that, although it seems to hide, in fact manifests stories.