Minutos gratis/ Aram Bartholl
Calle22/residency 2015
CALLE22/Rio Sombrío/Felipe Arturo
Calle22/Production production piece of Felipe Arturo
CALLE22/Production production piece of Leyla Cárdenas & Ramón Villamarín
CALLE22/ Cuanto Retroceso?/Leyla Cárdenas, Ramón Villamarín
CALLE22/Laboratory results
CALLE22/Production production Lab Plataforma Bogotá
Calle22/Production video Julius von Bismarck
Calle22/Residency 2014

CALLE 22 - The Project

Workshops, Residencies & Research

Curated by: Oscar Ardila, Roberto Uribe
With: Felipe Arturo, Aram Bartholl, Alejandro Bernal, Leyla Cárdenas, Tatiana Urrea, Ramón Villamarín, Julius von Bismarck, Kathrin Wildner

An interdisciplinary project of urban research through artistic practices that took during two years the calle 22 in Bogotá as laboratory and research site. CALLE22 had as structure four artistic interventions along the calle 22 and on top of it workshops, talks, residences, laboratories and exhibitions took place to discuss about the strategies and the role of art in public space.