WOLKE (cloud sequence)
WOLKE top view
WOLKE view from Ground Floor
WOLKE view from first floor
WOLKE view from second floor


With: Marc Aldinger
Neubau OSZ Chemie Physik Biologie Lise Meitner Schule, Berlin

The artistic intervention comprehends the atrium, as an active laboratory space in which the laws of physics are made visible. In unforeseen moments, a cloud emerges out of nothing. This magical moment can be seen by the students from all adjoining rooms and invites them to marvel Physics explains the phenomena of energy and matter - these can be directly experienced through the intervention on site The cooling of the air or, the mixing of two amounts of air is produced by a technical device. The phenomenon of the cloud shows students where the deeper understanding of the natural sciences leads to a better understanding of the world. The physical knowledge of the processes and the structure of nature expands our horizons and makes us aware of our position in the world that can be grasped by us.